Sexy Mami Yuuki Has Fun At The Pool

The beautiful Asian Milf, Mami Yuuki, is sitting on a chair at the pool wearing her leopard print bikini. Soon her lover joins her and starts to stimulate her nipples with some toys and by the looks on her face she enjoys it. As he plays with her nipples and tits she starts to rub over her pussy. Her lover decides to help her and pushes her panties aside to play with her clit and she pulls open her cunt to show us her delicious pink fuckhole. She stands up and plays with herself from behind while sucking her lover. He now takes a big toy to stimulate her clit before pushing four fingers deep in her wet cunt and fingering it until she comes hard.

He now takes another toy that has a small attribute to stimulate her clit while the big dildo penetrates her gorgeous wet Asian pussy. He plays vigorously with her until she comes again leaving her legs and chair soaking wet with her juice, which we can see close up.

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